Suzuki Violin and Piano Graduates July- December 2018

Congratulations to all graduating students and their parents and teachers! PIANO Book 1Hanna EndoMayangM. Shaheen DhiaulhaqMayangVesyalora SenivieStella EmmanuelLovelynn True TjahjanaK. Caroline PoedjokertoBook 2Evangeline S. JunMayangJoselynn True TjahjanaChristine HoseaNathanael MangarekChristine HoseaBook 3Adiputra DarmajiHartantiEmanuel S. JunMayangRyan Ray WantouwChristine HoseaBook 4Guinevere Alicia SantosoHartantiJoshua Kwon TanHartantiBook 5Laurentia Florella MulyadiHartanti VIOLIN Book 1Angelica Paramita Tekad TuerahStephanie HoseaAngelica Vanessa Kirei PrangStephanie... Continue Reading →

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Upcoming Events

TRAINING: Contact for registration forms and further information March 7-13, 2019                                                                                       ... Continue Reading →

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Mengasuh dengan Cinta

Dunia pendidikan di indonesia hari ini sarat dengan suasana kompetisi, persaingan antar sekolah dan orang tua, ketakutan orang tua anaknya nanti tidak bisa bertahan di era globalisasi dan berbagai macam latar belakang lainnya membuat anak dihujani dengan berbagai macam ulangan dan pendidikan yang menitikberatkan pada pengetahuan, hasil di atas proses.   Bagaimana di dunia pendidikan... Continue Reading →

Graduations January- June 2018

Congratulations to all SMAI Graduates; their Teachers and Parents! VIOLIN No. Name Teacher Book 1 Alina Lutfia Pramudita Yasintha Pattiasina 1 2 Andrew Huang Chee Wei Fabiola Teja 1 3 Bridget Nathaniella Wirawan Robert Brown 1 4 Calvin James Riyono Robert Brown 1 5 Cedric Gregorius Sutjiadi Edith Rahardja 1 6 Charissa Mogi Zipporah Alexandria... Continue Reading →

Mastery Learning

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki Knowledge is not skill; knowledge plus 10,000 times is skill. You only don't practice on the days you don't eat! If he or she really goes about it in earnest, anyone can cultivate ability in ten years, I believe. Even in one year, shortcomings can be changed into good points if only... Continue Reading →

Parent Teacher Communication

  The foundation for any relationship is good communication! As adults we learn from our experience with our spouse or partner, or with lifelong friends about how to sustain a lasting relationship or friendship through discussion and expressing both our negative and positive feelings. Certainly there is no shortage of articles on this topic in... Continue Reading →

Transition: The Teenage Years

It’s unbelievable how time flies and the little, 3,4,5 year old Twinklers I started to teach 8-10 years ago are now tall lanky and outgoing teenagers. I do not meet their parents as often- the parents who previously came diligently to lessons, took notes and practiced the lesson plan with their children at home. Still... Continue Reading →

Congratulations SMAI Graduates July- December 2017

Graduation is a Process that requires Patience, Perseverance and Persistence! We salute the students, their parents and teachers for supporting these children in this significant achievement! (All graduations July 2017- June 2018 will be published in the Annual SMAI newsletter - next printing August 2018).  CELLO Cherish Tio 1 Vivi Jingga Eda Akman 1 Vivi... Continue Reading →

December Piano and String Camp Surabaya

Surabaya Intercultural School, December 1-3, 20017 For the very first time, Ms. Elizabeth Suryani Ongko, Miss Angelia, and Ms. Hartanti, and some other Suzuki teacher in Surabaya in collaborated with the Surabaya Intercultural School and conducted a Piano and String Camp. The committee was very pleased to have Ms. Therese Wirakesuma, Mr. Suprapto, Miss Yanisa... Continue Reading →

SMAI October Weekend Festival

27-30 October 2017, SPH Lippo Village An educational and inspiring weekend of activities spent with beloved family! SMAI held a four days festival at the end of October. There were more than fifty children and teachers who joined. The event was held from 27 - 30 October 2017 in SPH Lippo Village and consisted of... Continue Reading →

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