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April 8, 2018
Where Love Is Deep (WLID) Seminar

April 9-14, 2018
Piano Teacher Training Book 1
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April 6-8, 2018
SMAI Festival Weekend- SPH Lippo Village, Kemang Village, Pluit Village           Registration Link

May 13, 2018
Piano Recitals (Jakarta Area) at Teater Kecil TIM Cikini

May 20, 2018
SMAI Grand Concert (Bina Bangsa School Pantai Indah Kapuk)

July 1-5, 2018
The 7th Asia Region Suzuki Conference
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Suzuki Philosophy


Lessons Learned from Fathers: Shinichi Suzuki

In 1969 Shinichi Suzuki published his memoirs and reflections on life and learning in his book ‘Nurtured by Love’.

Every time I read NBL I find new insights and inspiration, often it is not about practicing or learning the violin but about how to lead life with good character humor and sensitivity. Recently I read with fascination Suzuki’s stories about lessons he learned from his father, Masakichi Suzuki.

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Featured post

Parent Teacher Communication


The foundation for any relationship is good communication! As adults we learn from our experience with our spouse or partner, or with lifelong friends about how to sustain a lasting relationship or friendship through discussion and expressing both our negative and positive feelings. Certainly there is no shortage of articles on this topic in the media!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-08 at 5.29.28 PMIn the Suzuki Method good communication ensures that parents and teachers can work together for the benefit and happiness of the child.

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Transition: The Teenage Years

It’s unbelievable how time flies and the little, 3,4,5 year old Twinklers I started to teach 8-10 years ago are now tall lanky and outgoing teenagers. I do not meet their parents as often- the parents who previously came diligently to lessons, took notes and practiced the lesson plan with their children at home. Still parents play an important role in providing a nurturing and positive environment that helps teens weather some of the upheavals of this transitional period. Continue reading “Transition: The Teenage Years”

A Violin Teacher’s Reflection after SMAI Suzuki Book 1 Teacher Training Jan. 2018

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by Dave Obadja

I had been playing the violin for 6 years when I became interested in looking for a good method of violin teaching. I had never taught before because I felt that I myself am not a good violinist so I did not have the courage to teach. I always thought: “How can I teach properly if I do not know the method and cannot give a good example?” I did not want my students to become the victim of my doing.

Then my friend informed me that there would be Suzuki Violin Book One Training January 2018 in Indonesia and fortunately, the training is held at SPH which is near my apartment. So I decided to participate in this training just to get to know more about the Suzuki Method. In the beginning I was skeptical about this training, but as the training progressed I started to open my mind and try to understand. I used to think that Suzuki was a bad method.  I came to realize that I was totally wrong about the Suzuki Method and I really apologize for this!!  My previous teacher taught me using the Suzuki books, but it did not work well and even created many technical problems. So I blamed Suzuki because of that. Now I realize that even if he used the book, it does not mean that he used the method. I believe that he tried his best to teach me, but unfortunately he just was not properly trained in the Suzuki method.

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December Piano and String Camp Surabaya

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Surabaya Intercultural School, December 1-3, 20017

For the very first time, Ms. Elizabeth Suryani Ongko, Miss Angelia, and Ms. Hartanti, and some other Suzuki teacher in Surabaya in collaborated with the Surabaya Intercultural School and conducted a Piano and String Camp.

The committee was very pleased to have Ms. Therese Wirakesuma, Mr. Suprapto, Miss Yanisa Srirojanun (from Thailand) as the guest teachers for Violin, Mr. Stephen Cahyadi for Piano and Miss Heidi Imanda for Cello. There were about 50 students was joined the camp, mostly were Violin students, 9 Piano students, and 2 Cello students.

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SMAI October Weekend Festival

27-30 October 2017, SPH Lippo Village

An educational and inspiring weekend of activities spent with beloved family!

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SMAI held a four days festival at the end of October. There were more than fifty children and teachers who joined. The event was held from 27 – 30 October 2017 in SPH Lippo Village and consisted of master classes, group classes, repertoire classes, chamber workshop, teacher workshop, string quartet recital, and grand concert.

We were glad to have inspiring guest faculties come for this event. Mr. Christophe Bossuat from France who was studied with Shinichi Suzuki himself and also one of the founders of European Suzuki Association, Ms. Antonella Aloigi from Italy who holds a position as Suzuki violin specialist at Stamford American International School in Singapore, and award winning Singaporean violinist Mr. Foo Say Ming who also head of strings department in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), and NAFA String Quartet.

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Beautiful Words

“I just want to make good citizens. If a child hears good music from the day of his birth and learns to play it by himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.”

Shinichi Suzuki 1898 – 1998


Dr. Lan Ku Chen is a Chairperson of Taiwan Talent Education Association and a certified violin teacher trainer of Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA). He actively teaching in Indonesia for Suzuki Violin Teacher Training. Dr Chen have published many books like ‘A Violin Pedagogy’. This is an interview of his experiences for years in teaching.

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