SMAI October Weekend Festival

27-30 October 2017, SPH Lippo Village

An educational and inspiring weekend of activities spent with beloved family!

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SMAI held a four days festival at the end of October. There were more than fifty children and teachers who joined. The event was held from 27 – 30 October 2017 in SPH Lippo Village and consisted of master classes, group classes, repertoire classes, chamber workshop, teacher workshop, string quartet recital, and grand concert.

We were glad to have inspiring guest faculties come for this event. Mr. Christophe Bossuat from France who was studied with Shinichi Suzuki himself and also one of the founders of European Suzuki Association, Ms. Antonella Aloigi from Italy who holds a position as Suzuki violin specialist at Stamford American International School in Singapore, and award winning Singaporean violinist Mr. Foo Say Ming who also head of strings department in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), and NAFA String Quartet.

Over 50 students were scheduled in masterclasses with one of the guest faculty. They were divided with one, two or four students per class. There were also group classes for book one until three, and advanced students. The kids had so much fun in the lessons, also parents got new and fresh ideas to help their children in practicing. One of the parents shared to us how Mr. Christophe’s magical sentence had a deep effect of her son’s playing, “remember your hand must be ready, your feet must be ready, your brain must be ready, and your heart must be ready!”, she was amazed to see how her son improved his posture and played the song beautifully on his tiny violin after this masterclass.

Not only students, but the teachers also had a workshop with Mr. Bossuat. We learned to develop our tone from Suzuki book one until three. “ I got a different points of view for the Suzuki songs and it made me richer in understanding the song. I got lots of new ideas and ways of teaching, and what most impressed me was to understand the importance of the balance of the body. Mr. Bossuat learned martial arts and he showed how to balance the body to make a better tone.” said one of the teachers who attend the workshop.

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The festival ended with all the participants playing together. Starting with Camerata Junior with NAFA performance, Camerata Indonesia and finishing with our suzuki tradition of playdown. “SMAI Weekend Festival is another great success. I am grateful SMAI facilitated the event. I could see Valerie and other children were enjoying every bit of it. Gathering with the master violinists and other children who play good violin motivates Valerie in practicing the violin more beautifully. One thing I wish is for this event to become a regular event every 6 months.” (Indri,Suzuki Parent)

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Edith Rahardja
Suzuki Violin Teacher



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