December Piano and String Camp Surabaya

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Surabaya Intercultural School, December 1-3, 20017

For the very first time, Ms. Elizabeth Suryani Ongko, Miss Angelia, and Ms. Hartanti, and some other Suzuki teacher in Surabaya in collaborated with the Surabaya Intercultural School and conducted a Piano and String Camp.

The committee was very pleased to have Ms. Therese Wirakesuma, Mr. Suprapto, Miss Yanisa Srirojanun (from Thailand) as the guest teachers for Violin, Mr. Stephen Cahyadi for Piano and Miss Heidi Imanda for Cello. There were about 50 students was joined the camp, mostly were Violin students, 9 Piano students, and 2 Cello students.

In a very short time of learning, every student had a chance to masterclasses with the guest teacher. The violin and cello students also learned to play together in group lessons and in orchestra. The piano students joined the orchestra and played percussion. They also had a chance to learn note reading notes in a fun interesting way.

Many of the participants were SMAI member and learned music with the Suzuki method, however not all. This event was a great chance to experience and know more about the Suzuki Method. From this camp, traditional students and parents observed how to learn music with the Suzuki method. They learned to activate their sense of listening, try to follow the leader, pay more attention to tone and posture, play together in a group, and even more, they learn how to interact with new friends.

The camp was closed with a grand concert that included orchestra pieces : Vivaldi concerto for 2 violins, a traditional song with Chinese nuances Lijiang River and Dragon Dance, and fun pieces for the beginners Barrier Reef and We are the Champions. The piano accompaniment was performed by the piano students in Suzuki Book 4. The Violin ‘playdown’ started with Seitz concerto from Violin Book 4 and included songs down to the Twinkle Variations. The Cello students performed a Christmas tune.

There was a lot of positive feedback from students and parents after the concert. Hopefully there will be another chance to hold this program again.
(Hartanti Suzuki Violin and Piano Teacher; Probollingo)


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